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Welcome to the Maumee Valley community, 激情与目标相遇的地方, and every day brings the opportunity to make a lasting impact on young minds. We believe in the transformative power of education, and our dedicated team of educators and support staff is at the heart of this mission. Joining us means becoming part of a family that values collaboration, 创新, and a commitment to fostering a love for learning. 作为我们团队的一员, you'll have the chance to inspire and be inspired, to shape the future by empowering students with knowledge, 技能, 以及一生的好奇心. We take pride in creating a nurturing environment where diversity is celebrated, 鼓励创新, and professional growth is supported. If you're passionate about education and seek a rewarding career that goes beyond the classroom, we invite you to 探索 the opportunities awaiting you at Maumee Valley. 

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莫米山谷乡村走读学校 seeks reliable, 热情的, and patient educators who empower students to dream, 探索, and cultivate their passions and strengths. 我们的教职员工也是如此. We are more than a school and more than a group of people — we are a community of lifelong learners who inspire joy. As the only PreK-12 independent school in northwest Ohio, we support an accomplished and diverse student body within a progressive academic program. 

莫米山谷乡村走读学校 creates an inclusive community of intellectual excellence where learners creatively 探索 their passions and boldly inspire positive change in the world. Maumee Valley's long-standing commitment to 经验 education remains a hallmark of a student's experience. Each student is guided through a personal journey carefully constructed in partnership with faculty advisors.

Students come from all walks of life and worldwide, 不同的学习者, 的声音, 故事, and experiences are heard to empower and educate our community members.

We seek innovative teachers in the top tier of their profession who are passionate and life-altering educators capable of designing experiences that will change students' lives. 
  • You are treated as expert professionals who will join a world-class faculty and staff that attracts the best and brightest students from all over the region and world. 
  • Educators at MV use innovative and cutting-edge methodology and pedagogy. 
  • Maumee Valley teachers have autonomy in creating their curriculum, 课程, and experiences and an innovative schedule that allows for significant planning time, 充裕的休假时间, 还有两周的春假. 
  • 父母 are involved and supportive at Maumee Valley and collaborate with teachers and staff. 
  • 我们的小班教学, a mentoring program for new teachers and staff, individualized and robust professional development, and a comprehensive benefits and salary package help to make 莫米山谷乡村走读学校 the destination for phenomenal educators.


Many other personal and professional rewards cause educators to choose to work at independent schools like 莫米山谷乡村走读学校, 包括 教师的课程负担, 课程控制, 学生和家长的气氛, 还有很棒的同事. Here are some of the excellent benefits of working at Maumee Valley:
  • Independent schools are liberated to teach what and how they believe best serves their students.
  • Independent school teachers have the freedom to create educational experiences that meet each child's needs without state mandates on curriculum, 教科书, 和测试.
  • In 2019-2020, the median student-to-teacher ratio in National Association of 私立学校 member schools was 8.5:1.
  • In 2019-2020, students of color were 33.3 percent of independent school enrollment, while 3.4 percent of students were from other countries.
  • Staff and teachers want and value teacher participation.


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      For more information contact Human Resources at 419-381-1313 x131
    莫米山谷乡村走读学校 is the only PreK-12th grade accredited, 男女合校, and independent school in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.