• 加强学生的学习

The Middle School recognizes the importance of exposing students to a variety of 学习经验. In addition to an engaging core course of study, the intensives program offers 个性化的教育 通过选择, 追求激情,探索各种兴趣. Students select intensive courses to enhance their studies. The intensive study allows for deep learning on topics of student interest such as computer programming, 漫画小说, 摄影, 或者音乐创作.



  • 船赛舟会

    所有人都准备参加纸板船帆船赛! Have you ever dreamt of building and sailing away on the boat of your dreams? Build and test new products out of paper and get ready to race your cardboard boat using the engineering and design process. 你的创造力是无限的!
  • 中国文化和语言

    This course is designed for Middle School students who are curious or interested in Chinese language and 文化. Students will be able to explore the Chinese language, 文化, 历史, 假期, 茶道, 艺术, 书法, 体育, 在这个为期三周的强化课程中. No prior Chinese language and experience of the language are required.
  • 编码

    探索编码和编程的世界! Featuring a variety of unplugged and plugged activities; we will navigate the different elements of coding. Whether you are a beginner or have already worked with code, this is a great course to learn more skills and put them to the test!
  • 犯罪现场调查:mg冰球突破试玩-法医科学的冒险

    A heinous crime has taken place in the halls of our beloved school, and it is up to our Middle School to put the clues together! If you have ever wondered about crime scene analysis or forensics, this is the course for you. 我们将把生物学等科学结合起来, 物理, 化学, 和心理学来工作的线索,找到罪魁祸首. 探索像指纹识别这样的话题, 目击者的采访, DNA证据, 笔迹分析, 还有更多!
  • 密室逃生- mv风格!

    5,4,3,2,1. .. 我的天啊! Mr. Green is trapped outside, and the wild turkeys have gone rabid! He has only 15 minutes to get into his room before he is devoured by angry birds who are seeking to avenge their brethren’s ghastly deaths over 感恩节. 你有能力救他吗? What clues are available that will free him from his hideous fate? If you love making and solving riddles, this intensive is for you!

    If you love creating fictional scenarios, this intensive is for you! If you love interior decorating, this intensive is for you! Come one, come all, to create an epic experience that will live forever in Middle School lore.
  • 领导学院

    通过领导学院, students will work together to explore who they are as leaders among the Maumee Valley community. This includes learning about their specific personality traits, 个人优势和挑战, and how they can become strong leaders among their peers. 学生们还将了解这些品质, 习惯, 以及其他成功领导者的做法, along with completing activities such as personality assessments and reflection exercises that revolve around the 领导学院’s five pillars: character, 承诺, 能力, 强度, 和适应性. 通过这些支柱的应用, students will work together to resolve real-life conflicts relevant to the student experience with the goal of promoting positive change.
  • 爱你住的地方

    Have you ever heard people talk about how there’s nothing to do in Toledo and how boring it is? We will explore the greater Toledo area as tourists and learn that having fun is a mindset. 我们将探索艺术, 历史, 户外活动, 美食家的场景, 以及发展和服务的机会. 这门课的大部分时间将在校外和户外进行. Our final project will be media to attract people to the area.
  • 音乐训练营

    This intensive teaches students the basics of acting, dancing, and singing. 学生们将和迈克尔·朗一起工作, the resident director and choreographer at the Toledo Ballet. This intensive will culminate with a performance at the Intensive Fair.
  • 创造性疗法

    你是个书虫吗? 一个讲故事的人? 一个艺术家? Ignite your imagination while exploring the therapeutic benefits of the creative process. 在本课程中, 我们将探索各种表现艺术, 以及他们帮助我们治愈和成长的力量.
  • 世界的厨房

    Have you ever wondered why cuisine around the world varies so drastically? Why is rice such a huge part of the traditional dishes in some 文化s, 而意大利面在其他食物中排名第一? Why is seafood so popular in some areas, while in others beef or pork take the lead? 文化和食物是如何交织在一起的? Let’s explore these things together as we learn about different 文化s and recreate popular dishes from around the world.
  • 揭开真实的历史-我的老师告诉我的谎言

    Uncover the real 历史 that has been deleted from the 历史 books. Do our teachers lie about the 历史 of the United States? 和我一起读美国作家詹姆斯. 《mg冰球突破试玩》由丽贝卡·斯特夫改编, Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything American History Textbooks Get Wrong. 我们要像历史学家一样思考, analyze primary and secondary sources while learning about the past to understand the issues of the present and to think intelligently about the future.

    We will take a closer look at a few possible topics such as Columbus, 感恩节, 林肯总统, and the Vietnam War as we write and design new textbook chapters to improve the accuracy of the 历史 taught.


  • 你的教育之旅从今天开始

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